A Unique Patient – Notes for Diploma Students, Bangalore University

I. Answer the following questions in one or two sentences each.

1- Describe the farmer who visited the dentist’s clinic.

The farmer was in a dirty white sadara with ankle length pajamas. He looked tired with an unmistakable sparkle in his eyes.

2- What made the doctor curious about the farmer?

The farmer passed his turn to two other patients who had arrived after him and when the doctor inquired, he mentioned that he would consult him only after he had seen all his other patients, this made the doctor curious.

3- What request did the farmer make to the dentist?

To accompany him for a home visit as he could not get the patient with him on his bicycle.

4- Why did the doctor almost ‘faint in shock’?

The farmer, after reaching his village, took the doctor to his barn-yard, straight to his bull and said, “Doctor Saheb, this is the patient!”, hence to doctor almost fainted in shock.

5- Why did the farmer visit the clinic a week later?

To give the doctor a box of sweets.

6- What news did the farmer bring when he visited the clinic a week later?

The news brought by the farmer was that the bull’s tooth was doing fine and it had even won a shield in the bull fight.

II. Answer the following questions in a paragraph of not more than 100 words each.

1- What was the reason behind the farmer’s visit to the clinic? Explain in your own words.

The farmer had a fighting bull. The next day there was a bullfight in the town where the judges would decide the eligibility for participation by examining the bulls’ teeth. And, the farmer want his bull to participate in that bullfight, but unfortunately, the farmer’s bull had lost one of its teeth in the practice session that day. Therefore, the farmer visited the dentist’s clinic to request him to fix the bull’s tooth. (73 words)

2- Describe how the doctor fixed the bull’s tooth.

The doctor had never worked on a bull’s tooth, but looking at the farmer’s passion, he was overwhelmed; therefore, he decided to help the farmer by fixing his bull’s tooth. A large amount of saliva was drooling from the bull’s mouth. The doctor used meters and meters of old saris instead of gauze pieces to wipe the drool. With the help of the farmer and his family, the doctor devised many innovative ways and was able to fix the bull’s tooth successfully. (82 words)

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