Touching Mother Stories: Who Loves Mother More?

By | April 1, 2016

Touching Mother Stories are often a way to inspire oneself to become obedient to parents, especially mothers. There are many touching mother stories out there on the internet, one can easily read as many as they want. But one should also try learning from such stories. Here is one of the touching mother stories that will have a good impact on your life.

Touching Mother Stories in English

There was a married couple who always lived happily. They had no problems at all in their life. They had everything they wanted. After many years of their marriage, they had no kids at all. So, their only wish was to have kids. They consulted all expert doctors, visited all sorts of religious places, took blessings from the pious, but nothing worked.

Finally, God blessed them with twins. They had a very grand naming ceremony. They educated the kids in the best school, college. The kids were given the best of everything. When the family was happy after all, a tragedy hit the family. The father demised. This was a great loss to the family, but time heals everything. As days went on, the family was back to their happy dimension.

Now, that the kids had only Mother, both the brothers used to fight who loved mother the most. Both equally loved the mother, but always tried showing more love than the other brother. They attained their wedding age and were all set to get married. They got married and settled in their lives. The mother was all alone left.

Touching Mother Stories, Short Heart Touching Stories

Touching Mother Stories

The mother looked at her past and saw the following:

“I love Mom more than you do, understand?”
“No, I love her more!”
“No, I do!”
Seeing her kids fight over who loved her more, she shed tears of joy.

~Years Later~
You love Mom more, right? Then keep her! I have my own family to take care of.”
“Yes, bro, I do love her but not more than you do. You keep her!”
“No, you!”
This time, seeing her sons fight over who loved her more, she shed tears.
Just tears.

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