Smriti Irani, A Deserving HRD Minister

Smriti Irani is an Indian politician, former model, television actress and producer. She is the current Minister of Human Resource Development in the Government of India. It is tougher for a woman to face numerous threats. In the countries like India, though an equal amount of liberties have given, the fact will always remain behind the screen. The outlook seems perfect every time, but in the inner core, it is a different scenario.

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But there are a few brave women who have made a mark by occupying the remarkable positions in the politicial arena. Just for example, it is Jayalalitha in south to Mehabooba Mufti Syed in north and it is Mamatha Bannarjee in east to Anandibin Patel in west, one can behold the women’s thorough dominence. Likewise in the center, we have the most powerful and intelligent women like Sushma Swaraj, Sumitra Mahajan, Smriti Irani and many more.

Smriti Irani, A Woman Known for her Controversies

Every such women are deserving up-to their extent. But one name which always will be in move is none other than Smriti Irani. She is famous not only for her philanthropic activities but also for her controversies. Her controversies broke immediately after taking charge as the HRD minister and she is the most targeted person by the Indian contemporary media. But forgetting her flaws, one needs to look on her contributions. Country’s production and efficiency is no way related to mere population but at the same time, the quality of human resource is of greater aspect.

Focusing more on the quality of education, HRD Department saw a considerable growth under her incharge. Her main achievements include PADHE BHARAT BADHE BHARAT, GIAN (Global Intiative for Avademic Network) which will bring world class educators from across the globe to teach in India.

It is accelerating the pace of quality reform and is escalating India’s scientific and technological capacity. A few of her achievements are mentioned but it goes on. After, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, the first ever Education Minister for India, it is Smriti Irani who is a deserving HRD minister.

Smiriti Irani speaks on Fake Universities

As many as 22 ‘fake’ universities are functioning in the country, with a maximum of 9 in Uttar Pradesh and 5 in Delhi, government told the Rajya Sabha, adding states have been asked to initiate action against these. Besides Uttar Pradesh and Delhi, there are two in West Bengal and one each in Bihar, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Odisha, she said.

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