Death in Islam: The Soul’s Journey After Death In Islam

Death in Islam is a very critical and philosophical topic. None of us have any clue what happens after death. Whatever theories you have come across are just assumptions. Too many assumptions take you no closer to the truth. But, Death in Islam is logical and understandable to live a very prosperous life.

Death in Islam: What happens after You Die?

Death in Islam
Vague Translation: Learn from the Dead or You become a lesson for the Alive.

With or without you, life goes on. That’s a certainty. What’s also certain is the fact that we will eventually be in the grave. No person will be able to help us – not our parents, not our family, nor our friends that had our backs, no one.

First few weeks or months you may be the talk of the town. As the months and years go by, your name will be mentioned less and less until it becomes very rare. You will become a distant memory and all those who knew you will die as well. You will then be forgotten like the millions before you, who we now have no idea of their existence.

This is what happens after you die. You will completely be forgotten and you will become the non-existence. And, that is all. Isn’t that a living experience? Haven’t we forgotten our ancestors?

Some will be remembered for a long time, but even then, who cares if people remember us. We will still be in the grave. You are not there to witness your remembrance. And once again, a time will come where we will all cease to exist.

Death in Islam: Where do you go after you die?

Allah (SWT) says in the Quran: “Yes you prefer the life of this world, but the next world is better and more lasting.” – Quran [87:16:17]

Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said: “This world, in comparison ¬†with the world to come, is the same as if one of you were to put his finger in the ocean. Consider how much you would have when you pulled it out.” [Sahih Muslim]

Once we all die, we are just put in a grave and we lose our body and we are nowhere. We don’t exist anymore. We become the nonexistence. We become nothing. And, nothing long lasts forever and ever and it has no end at all.

Dear Brothers and Sisters, we must prioritize well. Will living for people or reputation do us any good? People come and go, but Allah is forever. And living forever without Allah is something absurd. You will have no choice except to live. You can’t die. You can’t run away anywhere. Humans are designed to forget, but Allah never forgets. He is beyond our imaginations.

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