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Allah’s Help? It’s Peacefully Successful, If You Do It with Right Understanding

Allah Help me, please, in writing whatever is beneficial for the reader of this article. I would like to begin writing in the name of Allah whose help or grace is always showering upon us whether we want it or not, whether we ask for it or not. When such questions such as ‘Why is… Read More »

Human Life Purpose In Islam That May Change Your Perspective

The Topic is Human Life Purpose. I begin writing in the name of Allah on whom the whole existence depends. The Allah who is known by different names, yet no name can define him. The Allah who has created everything out of nothing, yet He is beyond everything. May Allah take us all under His… Read More »

Remember God in Everything You Do

I remember God at the beginning of my writing. I begin to write in the name of God who has control over us all. Endless praise and thanks be to God Most High, who guides his servants to His light by means of other servants of His whose hearts He illuminates with His heavenly and… Read More »

Anger Management Essay in English

Anger Management is something we all need to learn consciously. This is one of the worst emotional disturbances because it expresses itself in violence, hatred, hostility, war and torture. It also expresses itself in lesser ways such as resentment, bitterness, jealously, fault-finding, nagging, and destructive criticism. The first point you must understand is that it… Read More »

The Goal of LIFE is LIFE Itself

I had not written from a long time. Today I thought I should just jot down all the thoughts that cross my mind. Most of the time, I have a thought that keeps coming to my mind whether I will be successful in my life. Successful in terms of what I would do before I… Read More »

Knowledge, A Necessary Barrier Towards the Truth

What do we know? We know what we know and we also know what we don’t know. Simply put, there are few things which we know (or at least we think we know) and there are also few things which we know that we do not know. The known is knowledge, the unknown is ignorance… Read More »

Ego Meaning: Ego, An Illusive Creation of Mind

Ego Meaning: Ego is just a three-letter word that we have given to something we are aware of. The very existence of the word was possible only because we realized its presence or we experience it somehow. Simply put, ‘I’ is ego, whereas ‘I am’ is not. The difference is very subtle that one may… Read More »