Be Like a Child – Three Qualities of Every Child We Need to Adopt

Be Childlike! Be Like a Child! A child is usually happy, tremendously happy by its own nature. A child doesn’t need anything for it to be happy. He simply is happy by his own nature. Later they learn or we teach them “how to be happy?” That’s when their happiness starts to depend on others things or people. We somewhere firmly believe, having more and more of what we already have, will give us happiness. We, our whole life, have been trying to have more and more; more money, better house, better clothes, better transportation etc to become happy. In the process of becoming happy, humans have become the most miserable species on the planet.

We definitely can claim to be THE MOST comfortable generation till date, but nowhere can we claim to be at least a peaceful generation. We have been trying to achieve happiness / peace through the external world. Happiness is one of the human emotions that gets generated within the body. It doesn’t get manufactured in the external world. We are looking for happiness in the wrong place. ‘No Happiness’ for a day or two, it’s alright. Life has its own trial and tribulations to teach us how to live here on this planet. But if most of our life is ‘No Happiness’, I think it is time for us to look back and contemplate where things are going wrong.

3 Ways to Be Childlike But Not Childish

Be Childlike QuotesInstead of learning from children how to be happy, we teach them. What a pity! Today, let’s learn from them the three qualities and be childlike. I shall make attempts to explain them as clearly as possible. We also have those qualities in us, but we have totally changed their definitions. Hence, we will redefine them and try implementing them in our daily lives.

  1. Totality – Most of us are not at all interested in whatever we do. We do everything with the intention of getting over with and with the intention of doing them. We never enjoy the process, we all are trying to reach the destination. A child is always total. Whatsoever the child does, he becomes absorbed in it, he is never partial. He is collecting sea-shells on the beach, ALL else simply disappears from his consciousness, all that concerns him are the seashells and the beach. He is absorbed in it, utterly lost in it.

  2. Innocence – a child is innocent. He functions from a state of not-knowing. He never functions out of knowledge as he has none. You always function out of knowledge. Knowledge means the past, knowledge means the old and the told, knowledge means that which you have gathered. Look at yourself with a sense of wonder. You are a piece of life on this planet. The whole universe is functioning very accurately to keep you alive. The whole human mechanism is totally miraculous. Look at everything as though it is your first time on this planet.

  3. Trust – The third thing, and the last: a child has a natural quality of trust, otherwise he cannot survive. When the child is born he trusts the mother, trusts the milk, trusts that the milk will be nourishing him, trusts that everything is okay. His trust is absolute, there is no doubt about anything. He’s not afraid of anything. His trust is so much that the mother is afraid because the child can go and start playing with a snake. His trust is so much that a child can go and poke his hand into the fire. Trust the creator. We are all his children.

Your thoughts on this?