Varun Pruthi Best Emotional Videos on YouTube – Can Money Buy Happiness?

Varun Pruthi is a very hot and sexy actor with down to earth attitude. Varun Pruthi can money buy happiness is one of this successful and very touching videos. Mostly he makes videos with those who don’t give up in lives and helps them to grow in their lives. In south India, he known as Bulk Buyer. He buys everything in bulk and pays always more. Whatever he earns from YouTube, he spends on helping the poor and in turn make videos.

Varun Pruthi Movies ListVarun Pruthi Heart Touching Videos

Here I have compiled few of his Most Heart Touching Videos. Please watch them and share with other if that really touches your heart.

  • Humanity Restored 2016 | 100 Year Woman Selling Berries

This is one of the heart wrenching videos where the actor visits an old women of almost 100 years and shows his will buy from her whatever she sells. Since she was done for the day, Varun promises to come and collect the berries the next day and pays in advance.

  • Rich Man and a Poor Man

This is a video that is based on a true incident. This really is beyond the discrimination of rich and poor. Anyone who is arrogant because of his wealth should definitely watch this. And, anyone who is depressed and unhappy from his because of his poverty should watch this for sure. The poor man blesses Varun for his good deeds.

  • True Love Story Very Touching

Here’s a story that a guy falls in love with a girl. The girl ditches him only because he couldn’t take care of her wants. The guy promises to make their condition better, but the girl chooses to leave him. Watch the video and you will be stunned from the rest of the story.

  • Orphan Kid Visits McDonalds

We have no clue of the life of an orphan. We, by God’s grace, have parents who take care of our needs and wants. Imagine an orphan taking care of his younger brother and how happy he would be if someone invited him to McDonalds to share food with.

  • Being Poor shouldn’t Make you Dishonest

A man. who sells calendars in New Delhi somewhere, refuses to take extra money. Varun vanishes after giving him some extra amount, but this man goes in his search and returns his money. This really is very touching.

  • An Old Man Selling Bags – Very Emotional and Heart Touching

An old man who walks from his small town to New Delhi to sell bags. He almost cries like a small baby when Varun buys all his bags and asks whether he has something else to sell. One of the best moments is when the old man weeps and gives a hug to Actor Varun.

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