Triple Talaq Issue: Are Indian Muslims in favor of the Uniform Civil Code of India?

Triple Talaq Issue: The present Muslims (Especially the Islamic Scholars) are not even Muslims. They follow only what they want and leave the rest. When such incidents happen, they fight for what they don’t follow. If Muslims are really very enthusiastic not to grow with the world, at least follow your religion properly.Triple Talaq Issue

Triple Talaq Issue Justification Uniform Civil Code

Most of the Islamic Scholars just USE the Common Muslims when their market is going down. Shame on such Islamic Leaders!

Which Muslim follows Islam today? Look at the Quranic Laws / Sharia Laws:

  1. Blasphemy against Allah: Death
  2. Blasphemy against the Prophet Muhammad: Death – even if the accuser repents
  3. Blasphemy against Islam: Death
  4. Adultery: Stoning until death in case the adulterer was married and 100 lashes and exile if he or she were unmarried.
  5. Sodomy (homosexuality): Death for the person committing the act, as well as for the one receiving it.
  6. Theft: Cutting off the hand
  7. Drinking alcohol: 80 lashes
  8. Slandering: 80 lashes
  9. Spying for the unbelievers: Death

Is any Muslim following this today? Not even the so called Islamic Representatives / Islamic Scholars follow this today. Shame on such people who don’t even follow their religion properly and fight for what they don’t follow. People don’t follow these punishments by Sharia these days, because the world has changed. Why can’t the Islamic Scholars understand this simple thing and reconsider about this Triple Talaq Issue

My thoughts on Triple Talaq Issue

I’m a Muslim by birth. Followed my religion very strictly for ages, but later started thinking what I was doing. I respect my religion now, but hardly follow. My thoughts on Triple Talaq are:

My sincere request to our PM Narendra Modiji on #TripleTalaaq

Dear Sir,

  1. Pls allow Muslims of India to follow the triple talaaq system as prescribed by sharia, and just pass a law that all Muslim criminals will be punished according to law of sharia.
  2. All Muslims arrested will not be prosecuted under Indian penal code but they will be tried by a sharia court separately conceived by state and central govt.
  3. Each state, each city, each district should have a sharia law center that”s a court with its head judge appointed by the concerned state.
  4. Any Muslims arrested for any crime should be presented in such courts and punished according to sharia at that very moment of crime without any delay.
  5. A rapist should be buried half in the mud and stoned by public to death.
  6. A thief should have his hands amputated there on the crime scene itself.
  7. A murderer should be hanged publicly on a tree and henceforth.
  8. All Muslim bank accounts should be made interest free that”s they should not receive any interest on deposits according to sharia.
  9. All hajj subsidies should be abolished according to sharia.
  10. All Muslims men should be debarred from using alcohol and tobacco products . They should not be allowed in music concerts , theaters and debarred from any means of recreation or entertainment.

Why follow sharia with a half heart? Let”s make them follow it with full support. Those who don”t follow sharia should be lashed 100 times and then let off.

I have answered this on Quora and felt like sharing on my blog too

2 thoughts on “Triple Talaq Issue: Are Indian Muslims in favor of the Uniform Civil Code of India?”

  1. As-salaamu alaikum Akhee… I truly agree with you on the issue of following shariah. Muslims want only personal law where as Islam has not come to address only nikah, talaq and inheritance, it is a complete system with a unique ideology based on the Aqeedah.

    And the 10 points you suggested are good but they lack the reality. All those laws which you mentioned are only applicable when there is a complete Islamic System. Hands of a thief are not cut just because he robbed something from the market place or so. First the Islamic system has to be implemented and all the basic necessities should be provided and then if someone commits theft then the punishment should be carried on.

    And this principle is similar to all the other points you mentioned. And as you suggested that there should be shariah courts in every city and state and judges appointees by state. This is Yes, not possible in the current system. What MPLB is asking is just few islamic rules, pity on us! We have our own system for which we need to work to be implemented but we have become so weak, submissive that we compromised with our Deen and begging in front of a mushrikeen.

    And the issue of Triple talaq is just being highlighted in media to bombard and defame Islam. Are all Muslim women facing the problem with the Islamic rules? Have anyone asked Muslim women what the majority of them want? No, media highlights only those things which will malign islam. Yes, what has happened with some sisters is a clear dhlum. The issue needs to be studied and addressed accordingly. The root cause is not triple talaq or Islam but what the society has thought us. The issue is with the society not Islam. Had there been an Islamic system the person would be punished and there would be more righteous people ready to get married to a divorced woman.

Your thoughts on this?