Time Definition: What is Time?

By | May 1, 2019

Time Definition: This is one of the profound questions that many philosophers, scientists, thinkers etc. have been asking since ages. This question may sound very absurd, meaningless, ridiculous to the people who are just involved in their daily lives and hardly have paid attention to the nature of our existence. None of us can exist without time or in other words through our five senses, Seeing, Touching, Smelling, Hearing and Tasting, we cannot perceive time, yet we cannot deny its existence either. 

If we look back into the history of time itself, it is unfathomable to imagine / think when time actually began. If it began millions of years ago, what was there before that? One can always ask ‘What happened before that?’. This approach to understanding Time would always leave us with a question, ‘What happened before that?’ and it wouldn’t be wrong to ask. And, a few answers would satisfy us for a while or so, delaying the new questions to be asked. 

It is better to accept the fact that Time is beyond our understanding. A human mind can never conceive something that has neither a beginning nor an end. In the course of our entire life, we have seen things beginning at a certain time and ending at a certain time. Meaning, anything that has a beginning, has an end too. We know for sure that we also have an end. Therefore, our minds can only conceive something that has a beginning and an end.

What Causes Time? Begin-less and Endless Time Definition

Time Definition

People have defined time according to their understanding, but how can one define the indefinable. The very word ‘Definition’ means a boundary, a limitation, something that begins and ends, but time is indefinable. So, defining time in any terms or language will never give us a clear idea of what time exactly is. So, it is better to come to terms with our ignorance that we cannot know time in its entirety. We can only know time in bits and pieces: Past, Present and Future.

Past is something that we have lived and the future is what we are about to live which means we live in neither. We only live in the present. Past is simply an accumulation of memories and based on those memories we project our future. Without the past, the future cannot be projected. There is no past and future in real life as we have mountains, trees, rivers, roads and animals. The past and the future are simply our mind’s creation. Simply put, they are just imagination. The present is really a very thin line through which the future becomes the past.

Now, The Reality of Time!

‘Now’ is all the time there is. We live in the now and our whole life happens here and now. This moment is eternity. This now is eternity. The whole universe is functioning now. Nothing happens in the past or future. The past is dead and future is not yet. Nothing can happen in the past and future because they don’t exist at all. Even if you have to think about your past and future, you can only do it now. We cannot get out of now. So, it is better to live now. If we learn how to handle this moment ‘Now’, we have learned how to handle the entire life because our entire life can only happen ‘Now’ nowhere else. 

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