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Sufi Parable, Just Pious in Thoughts; in Deeds, Man Remains The Animal

Sufis have a beautiful way of teaching. Most humans are moral only in their minds, not in their deeds. In the sense, humans use religion only to believe in not to act upon. Or they simply believe their religion is true, but they do whatever they like. They simply take whatever they like and leave… Read More »

Sufi Story – Moinuddin Chishti, A Sufi Saint

This is a Sufi Story about a fool or who was considered to be a fool because he didn’t fit to the society’s definition of normality. Since he was not like the normal people, people considered him a fool. Please read the below Sufi Story and know what wisdom this fool holds and decide for… Read More »

Unbelievable Happiness Success Story – Sufi Stories

A very rich man was searching for bliss, for truth – or whatsoever name you want to give to his search. He had much money and he was ready to offer any amount of this money to anybody who could give him a key. The rich man went from one teacher to another, but nobody… Read More »