Success in Islam, A Religious Perspective on Success

By | January 26, 2022

Success in Islam is not as difficult as the society makes it for us. The Society defines success mostly in terms of Money. How much money you were able to accumulate or how many possessions you were able to manage. The more money you have, the greater successful you are at your life, but somehow it doesn’t feel right within. When you are not with the society, the emptiness or hollowness within, makes you question your own success. Once you reach the threshold of success, the society changes its definition of success and you start the run again.

Are You A Society’s Slave? Success in Islam makes You A Slave of Allah

Most of the Muslims enjoy the slavery they are in. They easily get agitated if you remind them of their slavery to the society. It hurts their ego. They like to live in the illusion they have created with the society’s association. They are slaves to the society’s definition of success. They run behind money as a dog chases its own tail. But the Holy Quran anyway reminds us:

Yes, perhaps in the short term it may seem like they are winning, but ultimately those who take this path will never ultimately succeed.

(Quran 10/17 and 10/77).

It is a game that an individual and the society are playing with each other of following others to be followed back. The game is ‘I follow you because you follow me.‘ The society follows its followers. just like the Social Media Life using hashtags as FollowforFollow. It is a shame that we want attention from the society but not from Allah.

Success in Islam
True Success is ONLY Pleasing Allah.

Success in Islam is easy and doesn’t tire you at the end, but in fact energizes you to be better the next day. Each step you take, takes you closer to Allah’s love and to be your authentic self. What a magnificent insight of success that Islam educates us. That success isn’t when one accrues money, affluence, power, or fame. Genuine success is when one purifies ones heart and soul! Subhan Allah. (Quran 91/9 and 59/9)

Keeping Allah Present in Your Life (Taqwa) is Victory in Islam

Let us bear in mind, let us not think we cannot change and improve. Every night, analyze yourself; and ponder intensely, praying: ‘Allah, I have lived too long without you. I have played enough with my desires. Now what is to become of me? I must have YOU. Come to my aid. Break your vow of silence. Guide Me.” Let us not waste our opportunity to seek Allah.

It is genuinely ridiculous to spend the life looking for success in the things you must forsake at death. You will never find true success that way. You don’t need an army or money, or any other material help to gain the highest success attainable; just a strong and sincere determination to hold on to Allah’s rope.

May Allah always keep us under his guidance. Aameen.

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