Spoken English Classes in BTM Layout

Spoken English Classes

Majority of the students these days lag basic communication skills even after completing their education. If you feel you are one of such students, and you would like to improve you English Communication Skills, I would be happy to provide online / offline classes for affordable prices. If you are looking for Spoken English Classes in Bangalore, then please feel free to just leave me an email or a text message or you can directly call me on +91-9060-82-6677.

Apart from students, I would love to teach to the professionals too. Professional Growth is quite challenging and seems a far distant dream if you have poor communication skills. The truth is, a multi-talented person with no communication skills or with low English Communication skills is likely to remain in the same position. Spoken English is quite important in all the organizations and especially in IT sectors. They expect their candidates to be good at Spoken English if not Written English.