Silent Your MindSilence is absence of thoughts. It is thoughtless. We are all never silent. Anyone who is silent and doesn’t talk much is absolutely a dumb person. Silence is absolutely something we run away from. We never want to be silent and that is why perhaps we are always with our phones, computers, electronic gadgets, books, television, radio, music etc. We always keep ourselves busy. When we are never silent, we are not listening to anything except our own thoughts.

Silence QuotesThis way, we never get to learn anything new. When you are silent, you listen to others and learn more and more. Being silent is a very beautiful skill. It is very difficult to be silent. The universe talks to us through silence. The moment you become silent, you are in contact with your own self. Then the communication begins. You become two people at the same time. One is talking and the other listening to it very carefully. This usually happens late night while you are on bed. Or while you are all alone walking a long distance road.

Silence is Listening to Everything

You get alienated from the rest of the world, though you know what is happening around you. This is silence where you listen to each and everything including your own voice. You listen to your voice not from the ears you listen to the rest of the world. You don’t utter a single word, but you are still talking and listening (and probably responding accordingly). Being silent is a fundamental law of wisdom.

Being silent is one of the great arts of conversation. In silence, you discover who you are.

Silence is the loudest Scream

Silence and Wisdom go hand in HandOnce, a wise man, said nothing. We all will become silent one fine day whether or not we like it. That is our death. Death takes us so close to silence that we just listen and do nothing else. Our whole job is to listen now without any judgement. We become so silent that our existence will be forgotten. Our existence will be extinct. We become so silent as though we never existed. Thus, silence takes us to eternity because nothing and silence exist forever and ever.

Your thoughts on this?