SEO Content Writing, On-Site SEO Factors for Content Writing

SEO Content Writing is to write your articles in a way that is search engine friendly. Any content that you prepare about any product, service for your website, you would like your webpage to be on the first page of search engines. Hence the content should be prepared keeping some On-Site SEO Factors in mind.

SEO Content Writing: On-Site SEO Factors

One article should have one targeted keyword, not more than that. For this article, my targeted keyword is SEO Content Writing. The targeted keyword should be decided based on what you are writing about and using Search Engines’ suggestions. Search your own product as a customer and Google will give you the most searched keywords or you can use any Keyword Tool. Choose one of the best relevant keywords and use that as your targeted keyword.

SEO Content Writing

I’m writing something on SEO, I looked for SEO and Google gave me a list of suggestions and the most relevant to me is SEO Content writing.

SEO content writing, list of SEO Factors for Content Writing

  • The article should at least be of 300 words, not less than that
  • Every article should at least have 3 headings and all the 3 headings should have your targeted keyword (Try to begin your headings with your targeted keyword).
    1. Main Heading
    2. Subheading
    3. Conclusion heading
  • The article should begin with your targeted keyword
  • Add a suitable image
  • Bold your targeted keyword
  • Italicize it
  • The targeted keyword should not be repeated more than 6 times apart from the headings (Including your headings it should be 9 times)

This article’s targeted keyword is SEO Content writing. So, you can see the article begins with the targeted keyword and is of more than three hundred words. the keyword is present in all the 3 headings, There is a suitable image as well. It is made bold and italicized. It is repeated 6 times.

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