Remember God in Everything You Do

By | September 22, 2020

I remember God at the beginning of my writing. I begin to write in the name of God who has control over us all. Endless praise and thanks be to God Most High, who guides his servants to His light by means of other servants of His whose hearts He illuminates with His heavenly and divine love.

I once had a thousand desires, but in my one desire to know you, all else melted away.

Jalal al-Din Rumi

We, humans, are all desirous. We have thousands of desires. They keep coming one by one. We fulfill one and there’s one more ready waiting for us to be fulfilled. Desires keep us on. Only the dead do not have desires. If we are alive, we will have desires or in other words desires are what, that keep us alive. Many of us are taught to become desire-less for us to have a happy life. How can we have a happy life? I want a happy life. There’s a want there too. That is how the game of life goes. It wants to desire. What is this desire all about? Life wants to grow, whether or not, you are interested. But where does it want to grow is the question.

A Plant is in Dhikr (Remembrance)

I recently shifted to a new place and we have a balcony here. I brought a plant to keep it in the balcony and the plant was flourishing, but due to external disturbances, the plant lost all its leaves and flowers. It made me sad. I just prayed and watered daily. Just within two days, the plant had fresh and new leaves growing that grabbed my attention. I said, “Hi there, I am glad to see you. I was worried and concerned that I didn’t take care of you properly. I know, I am not that sensitive to have a two-way communication with you yet, but I trust that you coming into being itself is a form of communication that does not require words”. My happiness is a response to your being.”

I took extra care of that plant and spent quality time with it as and when I was free from the normal life. Just observing the plant and spending quality time with it, made me aware of the plant’s desire: to grow, to grow to its greatest potential. Becoming more sensitive, friendly like a gardener, the plant opened its secret of energy to me. The secret is within. The plant was growing from within. The true gardener was working with the plant from within. That energy, whatever we call it, God, Allah, Jesus or simply put the Universe, is working with us from within. Just this true realization from within brought tears of joy from my eyes.

Remember God, That is The Desire of all Desires

Rumi Quotes - Remember God

Each and everything in the universe and beyond are in Dhikr (remembrance). From an atom to the planets, everything is longing to know the source of its creation depending upon the consciousness it has. And, we, the humans are the most conscious creatures among all the creation. Our desires to have this and that are actually the ONLY desire to know and experience the source of creation. Our practice of remembering Him in any form will take us closer to Him. We just have forgotten our source. We must remember.

It is not that we are separate from the source of creation, we just have forgotten Him. So, we must re-member. We cannot stay alive even for a second in separation. We cannot be separated. Just like the leaves of a tree have forgotten their roots which nurture them. The leaves cannot survive in separation. Similarly, we cannot survive without God. Whenever we are not in His remembrance, we suffer and continue to suffer, but we aren’t ready to open our eyes and see why we are suffering truly. We are suffering not because we have desires, but because our object of desire is not God.

We should make use of our Desire as a steppingstone to reach to God. And, only in his remembrance, we can find peace. The soul will anyway go back to Him once we leave this body. The challenge here is to remember him and be one with.

May the Supreme Lord always guide us towards the light of true knowledge, make us remember God and keep us away from the darkness of our ignorance!

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