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Pregnancy Journey: Every new piece of life on this earth is God’s opinion that life should go on. Why do you think the creator wants the life to go on? What could be its purpose? Many came and many went, many are still here and there are many coming. Why? Why should life go on?

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You can never understand life because you are life itself. You are not something other than life. The very process of life is happening within you. You are growing from within not anywhere else outside of your body. The very experience of life is happening within you. Anything that you experience has happened only within you, but all your sense perceptions are outward bound. You are the very result of your creator.

That is to say, you can only see what is outside, and you can’t see what is inside. There are so many activities happening in your body which you can’t hear at all. There’s so much blood flowing inside you, and you can’t feel it, but if an ant crawls upon your hand you can sense it.

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Your perception of life is entirely based on the 5 senses you have, seeing, touching, smelling, hearing and tasting. But the experiences are within you. The way you perceive your life is how you feel. If these 5 senses are shut down, you neither know the world nor yourself. The 5 senses can perceive only that which is physical. If your perception is limited to the five senses, naturally the play and scope of your life will only be physical. You cannot touch the non-physical with your 5 senses. They are not sufficient.

When you were in your Mother’s womb, your five senses were not active, the moment you came into this world, they became active because these five senses are very necessary for your survival on this planet. If you are just looking for survival on this planet, your five senses are more than sufficient. But if you are seeking anything beyond survival, then the sense perceptions are not enough. If you are trying to know the very source of your creation, the very creator himself, then the 5 senses are not sufficient.

You have to go beyond your 5 senses. Going beyond your 5 senses is the only way. Going beyond your 5 senses is the only option to know the source of your creation.

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