Poem Sketch

The journey kicks off,

The refreshing moments are here

Which is quite auspicious!

Nothing can be a hurdle

As the will of mine is profound

It takes me out there:

Where stars can blink

Hundred times more than usual.

The past was not so credible

Remembering the past doesn’t make anything able

But it can only curb my time off

The present is full of amusing colors

Filled with bliss, love, passion and perseverance

The passion which has no end

But not ultimate

Expecting the future to be fruity,

Which is of-course a fatuity

The big calamities are about to erupt,

But my will no lose its charm

As the beauty of my will endures

Even after the mother earth possesses no gravity

Just because the journey has now begun

Even the God knows I should prolong

Your thoughts on this?