Please Allah not Humans for Pleasing Humans is Devastating

By | July 28, 2021

Please Allah Meaning is simply do anything you want with the intention to make Allah happy. I begin writing in the name of Allah who crated everything from nothing, the ever-living, the eternal who is never affected by time, nor space nor anything else, who never initiated a place for His being, nor did he attain His might after having created everything, nor was He weak before then. I would like to thank Allah for everything he has provided in my life. I would like to remain grateful to Allah for this very moment as I write.

To begin with, let us understand what a human is looking for in his/her life. First the physical/bodily needs like Oxygen, Food, Water, Excretion, Clothing and shelter for body etc. Second, the emotional or social needs like having a loyal friend, a loving mother, a caring father etc. When we introspect our lives genuinely, when we look into lives genuinely, these needs are all well taken care, though we worry about these needs a lot every day.

Please Allah, do not Leave Allah for World’s Sake

Out of 24 hours that we have ever day, we spend most of these hours in achieving or fulfilling these needs. At the end of the day, we are tired and need rest. In this cycle of day-today needs, we have forgotten THE MOST important aspect of the human life. The physical, emotional and social needs are the same with the other creatures who co-habit on this planet with us. The only difference is that we humans are born with the capacity to know, feel, and understand Allah.

Please Allah not Humans

When the worldly problems increase, the first thing that we do is Leave Allah. We have no time for him at all. We have too many problems to deal with. We are so busy solving our own problems that we have completely forgotten the one Himself who created us and everything that exists. Our problems seem bigger than the creator and thus we keep running behind the world. Once you start this cycle of running behind the world to solve your own problems, the world will have nothing to give you except more and more problems.

The demands of the world are constantly taking you away Allah and you are 100% cooperating with the world. But no matter what the world gives you, your heart will still wish for Allah. Ala Bizikrillahi Tatmainnul Quloob. You know that when you die, not all the power on earth can do anything for you. Who can help you then? Allah! And, this why you must always reason that this world is only a stopping place. Your true home is with Allah.

Recharge your Battery of Iman Everyday

After all you have done, this life on earth becomes empty because you are going to have to leave everything eventually. One day you have will to leave all your material possessions. So, let your greatest ambition be to find Allah, to be in his remembrance. If you see that you are not pleasing Allah, ask yourself how you can better please Him? All of you who have heard this message now from me, make the effort to find time for Allah. You just spent a few minutes refreshing your Iman. Let this refreshment not simply go away. Keep the battery of your Iman charged every day.

You MUST snatch time away from the world to be alone with Allah in his remembrance. No matter how tired you are at the end of the day, as soon as everyone is asleep, you get up and throw yourself at Allah’s feet. Pray to Him in the language of your heart: “My Lord, you come first. You are my everything. You are my sleep. You are my life. You are my death, if necessary. I want YOU alone and nothing else. You are sufficient. Practice this prayer every night and know for yourself the Joy of Pleasing Allah.

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