My Life Sucks – Top 6 Reasons Why Your Life Sucks

My Life Sucks too! is the reply from others when we experience a setback in our lives. Everybody’s life sucks. It is just that many are good at handling it and many cooperate life to suck at its best. I was just checking out my Google Plus account and I found an article at Always Remember in Life that talks about 6 Habits to get rid off. When you try getting rid of these 6 Habits, your life will still suck, but you would become a good manager of your life. You would know how to handle life.My Life Sucks

My Life Sucks – Life Sucks and then You Die

  1. Gossiping: So many people talk far more than they have to. One day you keep a note of what you talk and how much you talk. You will realize that most of your talk is about others. You are more interested in others’ lives than yours. To be precise, you are interested in others’ mistakes and their negative attitude. I firmly believe, we must follow the ratio of 2 ears and one mouth. We are given 2 ears and one tongue for a reason. Listen twice as much as you talk.

  2. Complaining: We complain so much about everything in life that we have no time to appreciate the good things. We don’t even have time to realize that life is a combination of Good and Bad. Good and Bad = GOOD. That is to say, there is nothing bad, but our own thoughts. The way you think is the way you feel. Whether or not you like, life will always suck, but you have to learn to how to deal with it and stop complaining.

  3. Being Negative: This 3rd habit is the very result of your 1st and 2nd habit. When you talk too much and complain a lot, you are bound to become negative. And, negativity takes you nowhere. There are 2 ways to look at things, Positive and Negative. The below image represents that perfectly.

    4. Judging: We did not create anybody, so I think we have no right to judge anyone. He is black, ugly, short, nasty, dirty. We really have no rights to judge anyone. Not even us. We can’t even judge ourselves. Life becomes peaceful when we learn to accept things as they are not how we want them to be.

    5. Making Excuses: Either you can do or make excuses. The people who do never make excuses. Too many people spend more time focusing on their weaknesses rather than focusing on their strength and abilities. The day you take full responsibility of your own actions is the day you will stop making excuses.

    6. Exaggeration: My life sucks! Exaggeration in anything is very dangerous. Life is supposed to suck and you don’t have to exaggerate about it and make it more suck. Your thoughts have a beautiful way of making things real. When you always exaggerate about anything positively or negatively, your imagination will become real than the real. Then you will lose touch with reality and start living your exaggerations. I think we should learn to look at life without exaggeration.

Your thoughts on this?