Mulla Naseeruddin Parable – The Secret of Heaven and Hell

Mulla Naseeruddin Parable – The Mulla Nasruddin was the real saint. He was very spiritual and he was intelligent. His stories teach us many things. Let us learn something beautiful from the below Parable that teaches about Heaven and Hell. Are they any geographical regions that we can walk into? Or perhaps they just are the mental state that oscillates from one state to another.

Mulla Nasruddin dreamt one night that he was in Heaven. So beautiful all around – a silent valley, sun rising, and the birds singing, and he alone under a tree. But soon he started feeling hungry, and there was nobody, apparently nobody, around. But still he said, ‘Hey! Is there somebody?’ And a very handsome man appeared and he said, ‘I am at your service, sir. Whatsoever you say I will do.’ So he asked for food. And whatsoever he asked was immediately supplied. Not even a single moment was lost: the food was there.

Mulla Naseeruddin Parable in English

Mulla Naseeruddin ParableHe ate to the full, slept well. And this continued. Whatsoever he needed… he needed a beautiful woman and the beautiful woman was there. Whatsoever he needed! He needed a bed in the night and the bed was there. And it continued for a few days – but how long…? He started getting fed up, bored. Everything was too good, really too much. He couldn’t tolerate it. He started looking for some misery because everything was so beautiful. He started looking for tensions, because he had never lived without tensions, some anxiety, something to be sad about and depressed. And everything was so blissful, unbearably blissful.

So he called the man and he said, ‘It is too much! I would like to have some work. Just sitting empty handed, I am getting fed up.’ The man said, ‘Everything I can do for you, but that is not possible. I cannot give you work. Here, that is not possible. Whatsoever else you need I am ready to give. And what is the need to seek for work? When everything is supplied immediately, you don’t need to work!’

Mulla Nasrudin said, ‘I am fed up! It is better to be in Hell then, if no work can be given.’ The man started laughing and said, ‘Where do you think you are?’ By the laughter, Mulla awoke. His dream was shattered. In the morning he came running to a Sufi master and he said, ‘This dream is very symbolic. What is the meaning of it?’

The Sufi master told him, ‘In the first place, you should not have waited so long. When you came to the point in the dream where you were in Heaven, immediately you should have opened your eyes. How can you be in Heaven? You, and in Heaven! – how could you believe it?’

Moral of Mulla Naseeruddin Parable: Wherever we go, we will create our hell around us. In fact, heaven and hell are not geographical; they are not places, they don’t exist in space. They are attitudes. They are psychological; they exist in the inner space, not in the outer space. We cannot go to heaven, because how can we go to heaven? Where is heaven? And we cannot go to hell. We always carry our hell or our heaven around you.

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