Moral Story – Take a Walk in My Shoes before You Judge Me

Moral Story? Yes, let’s dive into someone else’s life to see how they have become whatever they are today or now. To understand and walk in someone’s shoes, let’s read a small moral story about a merciless pirate who didn’t even have a shred of kindness. Why is he the way he is? Why isn’t he kind? What made him a pirate?

Fictitious Moral Story about An Unkind Pirate

Moral StoryThere was a small village close to a sea. People from that village never preferred even walking close to the shore for there was a terrible danger of sea pirates. And, one of them was quite famous for his cruelty. On a certain day, some terrible news came in and became the talk of town. Many people were fleeing the village by boat, which was always a terrible and a dangerous journey.

Not only was there the danger of storms and not having enough fuel, food or water, but also there was a risk of getting attacked by pirates, who were active along the coast of the village. The recent story the villagers had heard was a tragic. Pirates had boarded a boat, stolen valuables, and raped an eleven-year-old girl. When her father tried to rescue his daughter, he was thrown overboard. After the attack, the girl threw herself overboard too. Both perished in the sea.

Now, read the following text as though you were one of the villagers:

After I heard this news. I couldn’t sleep. The feelings of sadness, compassion and pity were very strong. But my conscious wanted to look deeper into the situation. We cannot let the feelings of anger and helplessness paralyze us. So, I visualized myself as a little boy born into a poor family, my father an illiterate fisherman. From one generation to the next, my ancestors had lived in poverty, without education, without help.

I too grew up without an education, and perhaps with violence. Then one day, someone asks me to go out to sea and make a fortune as a pirate and I foolishly agree, desperate to finally break out of this terrible cycle of poverty. And, then under pressure from my fellow pirates, and with no coastal patrol to stop me, I force myself on a beautiful young girl.

My whole life, I have never been taught how to love or understand. I never received an education. Nobody showed me a future. If you (the real you, the reader) had been there on the boat with a gun, you could have shot me dead. You could have killed me. But you wouldn’t have been able to help me.

Moral of the story: There are still hundreds of babies continue to be born under similar circumstances and they will grow up to be pirates, unless we do something now to help them.

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  1. It’s one of the best message …. Sometimes we easily blame others, criticise them insted knowing what they are dealing with….so, i think we would try to make this world better by helping such people who are misguided as much as it is possible….hope one fine day our past may never and ever affect our present

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