Making Tea Essay – How to Make a Cup of Tea in Indian Style?

By | October 21, 2016

Making Tea Essay: In the modern world everybody is busy. Men and women go to their respective places of work and children have to attend school or college. In such a state of affairs, it should not be binding on the mother to prepare meals or tea for everybody every time. Sometimes, she may not be having enough time and at another time, she may be too tired to do any work. Then, anybody who needs a cup of tea must help himself or herself.

Making Tea Essay – Essay on a Cup of Tea

Making Tea Essay

Preparing a cup of tea is a very simple job. However, it is an art to prepare good and tasty tea. Everybody can make tea, but not all can make tasty tea. To make tea, put some amount of  water in a kettle according to the your need. And, keep the kettle on a stove. Let the water boil vigorously for some time. Adjust the gas valve and reduce the heat. Then add tea leaves to the boiled water. Heat it for a minute or two so that the essence of tea leaves is properly mixed with the water. For a cup of tea one teaspoonful tea leaves is required. Let it boil for a few minutes. Stir the mixture.

It will give a good color. Once it is heated appropriately, sieve it and separate the tea leaves, Pour decoction (the action or process of extracting the essence of something.) into a cup. Add milk and sugar to your taste. Tea is ready to drink! One can also add the milk and sugar while boiling the mixture of water and tea leaves. Usually this method is recommended as the heat doesn’t allow the aroma of tea leaves go away.

These days even tea bags are available in the market. Tea bags are dipped into the boiling water, and milk and sugar is added. This is a very simple way of making tea.

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