When everyone wants to be good, why are there still bad people? If everyone would become good, how would people define good? Who to support, Love or Hate?

What is freedom? How is freedom defined? Do we have freedom to choose between, ‘Love and Hate’, why some of us choose ‘hate’? Do they love ‘to hate’? Why some of us choose love? When they choose love, do they also love the people who love ‘to hate’?

Choose love or hate, the universe will always support you to do better in that. The world right from its origin has both the things Love and Hate. You are the choice maker who to support to. Whether or not you support love, love will always exist and so is the case with hate. Irrespective of your support, hate will always exist. Here is where, the existence has given us the option to be the owner of it by making a choice between love and hate.

Love or Hate, choose wisely

The universe has never been harsh on us. It just gives us the exact results of our choices.

If there were no mirror, people would never have seen their faces. People would just see others’ faces. And, people would never know how they looked.

Love or HateLikewise, the universe gives us the consequences as exactly as the mirror shows your appearance. There is no reward, there are only results. People, for their convenience, call good results as rewards and bad results as lessons. So, it is always your call who to support to. It is never bad to support hate, but supporting ‘What you love’ is important.

You love ‘To hate’ and you do that very perfectly, so perfectly that you won’t hurt anyone in that process because supporting ‘What You Love’ can’t hurt anyone. Similarly, if you choose to love, the universe will support you to love. But, in the process of ‘To Love’, if you fail to support, ‘What You Love’, you will end up hurting many people.

Love or Hate? The Universe Will Support You

The universe has designed itself in a way that we have both the polarities. We are attracted to both; Love and Hate. The universe loves us so unconditionally that without judging for a minute what we have chosen, it will start supporting us. But, we have a choice what to support to. That is how this beautiful freedom is given to us.

You have the freedom to choose anything (love or hate) in the given choices. When we say ‘Given Choices’ that clearly shows we have ‘No Freedom’ at all to choose anything beyond the choices. Yet, we have the freedom to choose beyond the choices by choosing nothing in the ‘Given Choices’. When you choose nothing in the ‘Given Choices, you are actually choosing something that is not in the ‘Given Choices.

We already have enough hate in our world. LET US ALL SUPPORT LOVE. lOVE oR hATE?

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