Life Without Love – Why is Life without Love So Hard?

By | January 27, 2017

Life without love is so hard because it is not natural. Life is all about creating and re-creating the type of person you choose to be. When people live in a normal frame of mind, their choices are always the same…what they “normally” would do. When people live naturally, they go with their feelings…they tend to make different choices based on similar circumstances in hopes that they will discover something new about themselves and / or the world around them.

Life Without Love is no Life at All

Life Without LoveNo single person in our entire existence is responsible for the way we react to their actions. It is up to us to choose our own reactions and ultimately our own acceptance of their actions. Second thought about that…you should ONLY enter a relationship with expectations of what you are willing to GIVE – NOT GET.

The more expectations you have about what you are going to get from the relationship, the more difficult it is going to be when you do not get exactly what you prepared yourself for! Also, if you think of expectations as boundaries or fences, when you do reach those limits, you may find yourself getting bored. Why start out any relationship by putting limits on the emotional possibilities…

Life without Love and Affection

The purpose of life is to have as many unique experiences as you possibly can. Yes, there may be that “perfect” experience – lets say “Love” – but once you experience that, would you not then want something else? Life is very boring if you do not leave the comfort zone and seek out new experiences. It is perfectly fine to re-experience the things you enjoy, but don’t stop seeking new things!

Stop focusing on what you DO NOT have and focus on what you DO have. It IS important to do what you want to do & like to do – not just because you HAVE to. But once you find what you like, are you going to stop having new experiences…you may as well hang yourself from the giant oak tree out back…if that is the case – pick a strong branch.

Our responsibility is to ourselves, to make decisions and choices about who we want to be. What kind of experience we would like to have…and then adapt that choice to the world around us. Do not allow circumstances to control your choice – instead make your choices control the circumstances.

You can’t force to have someone just for the sake of having one and especially if you are not compatible or you don’t love that person. It’s worth waiting for that special someone and stop pining for what you don’t have. I’m not saying I’m so lonely I want to just have anyone, I am waiting for that right person who is compatible its just that in the mean time I am finding it really hard truly being happy. I just don’t feel it. “Though it can get lonely sometimes, just divert your attention to some things which make you happy

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