Life Essay, What is the Most Important Thing in Life?

Life Essay: The days of human life are numbered. The list of worries people face daily seem endless. Life is a continues journey beset with problems.  As long as we live in this world, problems and troubles will always be a part and parcel of human experience. Life swings like a pendulum. At one time it swings towards favorable conditions, which we receive heartily. At another time, it swings towards unfavorable conditions, which we desperately seek to avoid.

Life Essay. Life Quotes. What is the most important in life?

Life Essay in English: Most Important Things in Life

Death is as natural as life. It is part of the deal we made. It is natural to die. As long as there is creation, there will be destruction. Once life is launched like a bullet, it must reach its destination, which is death. Once you accept death and its inevitability, you will learn to live happily without any fear. So, what do you think is the most important thing in our lives?

  • Love?
  • Money?
  • Education?
  • Beliefs?
  • Success?
  • Happiness?

Yes, off course, we have made them very important in our lives. If we look very sincerely, these things are secondary. The most important thing is that we are alive. Nothing of this will matter if you are not alive. Suppose, you are cheated in your love affair and now you want to die. Go jump into a river! The moment you are close to dying, your love life wouldn’t matter. Your mind and body would say ‘To the hell with your love, money, success, happiness!’ Please let me live!’.

LIFE is the Most Important Thing in Your Life

All the secondary things have become so important to us that we have forgotten THE MOST important thing in our life which is LIFE itself. Love these days is just an attachment – our attachment to an image. A man may claim to love a woman, but let her betray him and date another man and his love will turn into hatred. Why? Because his inner image has been shattered  and since it was that image he loved all along, its betrayal enrages him.

Our meaning of love is either to possess something completely or to be attached.  Most of us find it extremely hard to have the same feelings for a wrinkled old face as compared to a young beautiful one. Why does love change with a change of image? Can this be called love at all? Real love does not involve any attachment or possession.

Value your life and Stop Playing with It

Life Essay: Life is way too precious for the nonsense you call it love, success, happiness etc. THE MOST important thing that’s happening to you right now is LIFE itself not the fancy thoughts you have, not the emotions that you have, not financial arrangements or whatever rubbish you have built around you.

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