Let go of your worries, Let Life Happen

Let go of the things that don’t want to stay in your life anymore.  The stronger you hold, the worse you will be hurt. No wonder why we are in trouble. We are trying to control things that don’t want to be controlled. The only thing that you can control is ‘You’.

  • Have you ever tried controlling your breath? No, you just let go.
  • Have you ever tried controlling your nervous system? No, you just let happen.
  • Have you ever tried controlling your blood circulation? No, you just allow.

You see, they are best controlled when you don’t control them at all. Likewise, in the external world, anything that don’t want to be controlled, shouldn’t be controlled. Millions of us are in a grave problems because they are not ready to let go. The moment you let go, you refuse to be controlled. The more you hold, the greater you are controlled. And, nobody likes to be controlled.

You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one.

Let Go QuotesYou are living your life the way you want to live your life. God really has no interference in it. God just gives you whatever you ask for. He never says ‘No’. Yep, He says no when you ask him to say it. You are the owner of your own life. Take full responsibilities of your deeds, misdeeds and act accordingly.

Let go and Amaze Yourself

Deep down, we all know the truth we are living. Let go and let life happen as it wants to. Let life unfold itself naturally, don’t force it. Trust yourself and trust the unknown, you will be amazed of what you are capable of. Your idea of controlling everything is what holding you back. Let go and amaze yourself with the miracles.

When you let go, it comes back. That is how we are designed. You want love? Give love. Give love to yourself and others will love you for who you are. Do not be so attached to your expectations and desires for how things should be, or else you will miss the joy of experiencing things how they really are.

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