Khalifa Harun Rashid is one of the most pious kings in Islamic history. He not only proved to be a good king, but also showed how to live a simple life. The very basis of Islam is believing in unseen (ghaib), and the following story will make our belief in Islam stronger, Insha Allah.

Once upon a time Khalifa Harun Rashid and his wife were walking together on a seashore. They walked and walked discussing their kingdom and how to make it better and better. Khalifa Harun Rashid’s wife was also a very pious woman. She always wanted to be better at Islam than her husband.

While walking on the seashore, they saw an old woman making small houses of sand and selling it to the folks walking around. Out of curiosity, Khalifa’s wife inquired the price to which the woman replied 100 dirhams. The woman, then said, that the houses were not ordinary houses, but they were the houses of Jannah. Khalifa laughed out loud and suggested his wife not to waste the money on such manipulative games.

Khalifa Harun RashidKhalifa’s wife felt ashamed not to buy after asking the price and she was firm in her belief too. Hence, she paid 100 dirhams and bought the house. It was already dusk so the Khalifa and his wife hurried towards their palace. After running all their errands, both go to sleep. Khalifa, in his sleep, sees a dream and when he wakes up, to the greatest surprise of Khalifa’s wife, he rushes towards the old woman who was selling sand houses at the seashore.

At the same sight of woman selling the sand houses, he takes a sigh of relief and shows interest in buying two houses, but the old woman refuses to sell it to Khalifa. The Khalifa insists, but the woman refuses again. This happens for a long duration, then the Khalifa says that he would pay 5 times more than the actual price, but the old woman’s answer remains the same.

Finally the Khalifa gives up and asks the reason for not selling it. The woman recites the second verse of the Holy Quran.

Allazina yu’minu_na bil gaibi wa yuqimu_nas sala_ta wa mimma_ razaqna_hum yunfiqu_n(a).

Mo’mins are those who believe in unseen (ghaib), and she says that is why you don’t deserve this house because you already saw a house on your wife’s name in Jannah. The Khalifa learns his lesson and thanks to the old woman and congratulates his wife.

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