Terrorism: All the Muslims are not terrorists, but all the terrorists are Muslims. Hence all the Muslims are held responsible for every terrorist attack that takes place in any corner of the world. If this statement, from any point of view, is true, then from a broader perspective, all the humans are not terrorists, but all the terrorist are humans. Hence, every human should be blamed. Are those terrorists not humans? Absolutely they are and that can be proved scientifically. But their religion will always be doubtful.

Terrorism is not IslamAll of us are to be blamed just because a few of us are terrorists. Islam has always been discouraging terrorism. Islam is not terrorism and Muslims are not terrorists. When a part of our own body gets cancer, we don’t encourage the doctors to kill us. We request the doctor to treat it first. If the treatment fails, we cut that part of the body. This way, we are saving the rest of our body and keeping it healthy.

Terrorism is not a Muslim Monopoly

Humans have been designed for their own purposes. The moment we are deviated from our purpose, we have a lot of time to hate others. Saying no to non-essentials will allow us to devote our time to do things that we love. We got to pay more attention to remove that rotten part of our body. Terrorism is done by ISIS not by Muslims. Though ISIS claim to be Islamic, yet Islam is completely against ISIS.

Do we not see the Muslims around the world changing their profile pictures on Facebook, Google Plus etc. (though they are those who are unhappy because the profile pics weren’t changed for Palestine and Syria Massacre which is ongoing 24/7)? Yes, we all know changing profile pictures will neither kill the terrorists nor save the victims of terrorism. Changing profile pictures on any social platform is just to show the condolence.

Humans are expected to do their best at any given point. At this very point, the very best, people can do is to change their profile pictures to show their disagreement with what is happening. Aren’t they doing? We do not need bombs and guns to bring peace. We need love and compassion. Let me quote one of the sayings of Hazrath-e-Ali, the 4th Caliph of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH),

“Punishment can kill the evil people, but teaching them what is right and what isn’t will definitely kill the evilness in them.”.

Terrorism is not Jihad

Islam has nothing to do with terrorism. And, terrorism has nothing to do with Islam. Our other religious brothers and sisters (Hindus, Christians, Buddhists, Jains etc.) are not wrong either in taking all the Muslims as terrorists. That is a human tendency. Here is where, the Muslims have the challenge to understand them and make them believe that Islam and Muslims are with them always not with ISIS.

Let us all neglect negative thoughts that can divide us. There is already enough hate in our world. Let us not spread more. Let us spread love because love is what we all need deep down. Every one of us is looking to be loved. Love All and Hate None.

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