I was reading an Islamic Book and I came across this beautiful meaningful Islamic Story that actually teaches us the value of beauty. This Islamic Story was found in the book named, “Purane Waqi’Aat”.

We are all attracted toward beauty. We want beautiful people in our lives. And, we also want to look beautiful. It is not a bad thing neither does the ugliness. The value of beauty and ugliness we have taken can hurt us.

Beauty Definition: The qualities that give pleasure to the senses. This is how WordWeb Dictionary defines beauty.

Islamic Story on Beauty

Islamic Story, Hajirah Gave Her Entire Beauty to the KingIn the ancient days, there was a king named Zaid. He never walked into the streets of Baghdad, but always wanted to walk alone as a commoner. He once decided to and took a long walk in the streets as a commoner. Destiny introduced him to the most beautiful woman of Baghdad, Hajirah Tasneem.

Hajirah Tasneem was the daughter of the most prominent, elevated, pious, kindest man, Noor Mohammad. Noor Mohammad was fish vendor and his daughter would help him in his work in the day time. At night, both, the daughter and the father would keep themselves busy in the remembrance of The Almighty Allah.

Zaid, the king, returned to his palace and commanded his men to bring Hajirah to his palace. When the people of king asked Noor Mohammad where his daughter was. Noor Mohammed told them that she was busy in her prayers. They waited until she completed her prayers. They asked Hajirah to leave with them as that was the King’s command.

Noor Mohammad met the king in private and enquired the reason. The king replied, “I have never seen such a beauty. The beauty of heaven on the earth. I don’t want anyone to have it except me”. Noor Mohammad sought the permission for keeping his daughter for 2 more days with her and then he himself would leave her daughter to the king. The king agreed. Noor Mohammad returned home and narrated the complete story to his daughter.

Noor Mohammad was God loving and so was his daughter. Two days past, Noor Mohammad was called to the palace. He went all alone carrying a container in his hand. To the king’s greatest surprise, Noor Mohammad was all alone. He handed the container to the king telling, “Here is my Daughter’s beauty”. When the king’s men opened the container, the container was full of excretion.

Zaid exclaimed in anger, “What is this?”. The father replied, “When I told my daughter that Zaid, the king was looking for her beauty. She took some pills that cause watery stools (Human Excretion). She started collecting all of that in this container. She did this for two days. And, then she gave me the container asking me to give her beauty to the king”.

Then, Noor Mohammed presented her daughter who was sick, tired and ugly to look at. Hajirah cried out, “When my beauty was seen by a ghair mahram, then this is what my beauty deserves”.

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