Love Story: Love has no barriers. Love is unconditional. Love sees no limits. Love is a beautiful pain. Love can happen anytime to anyone. I think we all should fall in love and feel that pain. Life isn’t worth living if we don’t fall in love. Love is beyond everything.

Love Story of A Beggar and A WhoreLove needs to be learned from different ways. And, one of the best ways is reading any love story you find. This love story is about a retarded beggar and a whore. YOU will really love this. A Beggar without proposing and expecting anything from his lover takes care of her. And, the whore without hurting his feelings allows him to do whatever he does.

Love Story for all of us

This love story is just a part of another movie. They don’t get married and the prostitute dies giving a sign of her true love not even bounded by marriage. The beggar lives his entire life in her memories. The most beautiful part of this love story is the beggar raising a duckling. I’m sure you will be in tears.

Many of us are in relationships for the ‘Wrong’ reasons – to end loneliness, fill a gap, bring themselves love, or someone to love, solve their ego, end their depressions, improve their sex life, recover from a previous relationship or believe it or not, to relieve boredom.

That is why may be our relationships hurt us so badly. This love story will give you a clear idea of what a love relationship is.

Love Story for Lovers

You will definitely like this love story. Please share it with others and help them experiencing love. Love can’t be bounded by anything is what I personally feel. Please feel free to share your own thoughts on this love story below in the comments.