How to Heal A Broken Heart?

This is dedication to a friend of mine to heal broken heart. I hope anyone who comes across this material benefits from it. Please walk your path with love and care. Do not stop loving! Listen to this Video – Love Hurts, if you don’t like reading.

There was a boy who lived a simple life, his nature was too kind and always thought good about others. That was in his nature, not that he was told by someone that God wants him to be kind and good. And, hence he is trying to be kind and good, thinking good for others. He was by his very nature kind, loving, affectionate, blossoming, welcoming, and always thought good about others. He just was not aware of his nature. He was simply acting according to his emotions, thoughts and feelings. He was absent.

It is just like an Apple Tree, NOT trying to become an Apple Tree. The Apple Tree is an Apple Tree just because of its nature. It does not have to try to become an Apple Tree. It simply is. Just like a Rose Flower not trying to impress you. It simply the way is. In fact, it is not at all interested in you, does not care what you think. It simply is as it has to be in his completely naked nature, you anyways like it. Again, not that it is interested in impressing you, it simply is and you anyway like it.

Heal Broken Heart - Broken Heart Quotes

Just like that, the boy was also by his very nature kind, loving, caring and giving. A rose plant only gives; it does not demand anything from you. The sun comes every day to all of us and gives its light without discriminating anyone or anything. It simply gives its sunlight without demanding anything, but it is up to us to make use of it or not. If you don’t make use of it, the Sun will not curse itself that you did not take it. It simply gives. Please pay attention to the whole universe, the whole Universe also is simply giving. Giving with I-N-G is the best word to describe the real nature of the whole universe. It is simply giving. It is giving right now and that is our nature too.

However, this boy had it a bit more than most of the other humans. He did not have to try to be kind and loving, he simply was like that. However, the boy did not know this. And, he fell in love with a girl. You know what happens when you fall in love. The whole experience of life is loving and beautiful. You would never ask the question to God, ‘Why did you give me this life?’ You simply love to live. Just living has become sufficient to you. You do not look for a purpose to live. There really is no purpose to life. The journey itself is the goal. There is nowhere to reach. People have become miserable out of their success after running behind some so called important goals that they were too late to realize that they have missed life. They have missed living. That is the magic of love. Your life feels complete without running behind anything to make it complete and fulfill.

The very street of your lover becomes The Most beautiful street. You do not need to be in heaven to live peacefully. You just need a corner in your lover’s street just to watch her come out of the window or her house itself. Even if she is not there, the street is anyway beautiful because it belongs to your lover. And, you have fallen in love with the street too. Only a fool would not want to fall in love. So, this boy also fell in love with a girl.

You would actually make time to spend the time this way and this would also feel very less. Time is a relative experience, you see. When you are with your lover, even an entire day feels like an hour. You experience time differently when you are in love. Love is a whole other dimension where only courageous people would want to step in. Love is not for the cowards. Coward people live a love-less life. I really am not interested in the love story of this boy. There are many beautiful love stories that have happened in the entire world. People have made movies of such stories. Better watch some Romantic Movie, if you are looking for a good and interesting story here. There are uncountable hearts broken deliberately or inadvertently, the heart has to be broken for the opening of eyes. Or else you would never know you could love so much. You are a source of love.

So, this boy’s heart was also broken. When hearts break, trust me there is tremendous amount of pain. It doesn’t matter where you are or who you are with, you suffer somewhere deep down. The pain is in you. Please understand this. You cannot run way from this pain. You have to face the pain. You need to understand that the pain is not your enemy. It has come to guide you and teach you how to live life properly without any pain. It is trying to teach you if you live this way, there will be pain again. You did something wrong. That is why it hurts and pains. Only because of this pain of love, many cowards are shit scared to fall in love with the other. They simply hide their pain behind some fanciful quotes about how cool it is to be single.

They suffer too. They are not free from suffering. But their suffering is of no use. It is futile. Suffering in love is eye-opening because the pain that comes when the heart is broken, screams that everything is inside within you, pain, love, happiness, sadness, friendliness, Beauty, Bravery, Brilliance, Brutality, Calmness, Charity, Compassion, Curiosity, Generosity, Honesty, Honor, Hope, Humility, humor and the whole kingdom of God is within you. The other works as a reflection of who you are or what you are experiencing within. The other works as a mirror. And, you are interested in the truth not in the reflection. In other words, you are interested in the emotion, Love, which is THE TRUTH, not actually in the reflection, the object of love (Your lover).

When the heart breaks, you need to listen to that pain. You need to be calm, serene and loving as much as possible with yourself. The pain will give you the answers of how to reduce the pain. Just pay attention to the pain and listen to it with all your heart. Coming to the story, the boy was in pain so much that he burst out crying sometimes when the pain was too much. When there was nothing in control. The greater the love, the severer the pain. Please be aware! Love is only for the courageous who dare to dive into the ocean of love. Not a physical ocean that you dive into, but an inner ocean. It belongs to the inner world.

The broken heart made the boy realize of his own nature. The broken heart opened his eyes to a different dimension. Love is a transformation. It is a mutation. That is why the pain. It is the same pain that the child feels when he comes out of the mother’s womb. It is the same pain that the bird feels when it comes out of the egg. It is the same pain that the bird will feel again, when it tries to be on the wings for the first time.

Heal Broken Heart - Love Hurts Quotes

The mutational pain made the boy realize that to know who he was or to know his nature, he had to fall in love with the other. The mirror showed the boy who he was. He opened his eyes to his own nature. The boy realized what was hidden inside him. He was capable of tremendous amount of love. The man who is without love is narcissistic, he is closed. He knows only himself. And how much can he know himself if he has not known the other? – Because only the other can function as a mirror. You will never know yourself without knowing the other. Love is fundamental for self-knowledge too. The person who has not known the other in deep love, in deep passion, intense passion, in utter ecstasy, will not be able to know who he is because he will not have a mirror to see his own reflection.

Then the boy truly understood and came to terms with that love has nothing to do with the external world. The external world just is a reflection of who we are. It is I who is capable of love. Love is in me. Love is within. In poetic words, I am love and love is me. Love manifests itself through me. When I am loving to someone, I am love or I become love. So, the boy truly understood that it is no more relevant to ask if the object of love matters. The question that matters is if I am loving irrespective of what the object is. You can be loving to everybody and everything.

The boy’s pain gave him another lesson that, the moment you address your love, you destroy it. It is as if you are saying, “I will breathe only for you – and when you are not there, then how can I breathe?” Love is like our breath. We both co-exist as if one is supporting the other. Just like two sticks supporting each other to stand. You take one, the other falls. It should be just a quality in you – wherever you are, with whomsoever you are, or even if you are alone, love goes on overflowing from you. It is not a question of being in love with someone – it is a question of being love.

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