Gym Tips – 7 Gym Tips for Making Your Workout More Productive

Gym Tips – With a gym at every turn of a street, losing / gaining weight has become as easy as playing marbles. WALK INTO ANY gym, and you’ll find guys doing something cringe-worthy—from exhibiting crappy exercise form to doing useless routines that don’t really accomplish anything. So, Don’t worry, I have created a step by step guide of just 7 Gym Tips to help transform you into a gym bunny.

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Gym Tips for Beginners

  1. Go Prepared: This means either having a workout programme to follow or writing a list of all of the exercises you’r going to perform. But most importantly knowing correct form to perform them. Oh and of course building a KILLER workout playlist – that’s what keeps you going.

  2. Forget Your Ego: Don’t walk in and try to lift the biggest weights. You’ll have awful form and cause an injury. Better form and correct weight sizes will serve you better in the long run.

  3. Find a Gym Buddy: This isn’t compulsory, but it’s hugely motivating and make it more fun. Trust me you’re going to push yourself more if your pal is watching.

  4. Hydrate and Rest: Drink plenty of water and take adequate rests between sets. This will help you to perform to your best.

  5. Effort: Put simply, you get out what you put in. Some days it’s going to suck, but the more you push the quicker the results will come. Oh and those days that suck are the days that really count.

  6. Gym Anxiety: Nobody is there to laugh at the new guy / girl. Everybody is concentrating on themselves. That said don’t be afraid to ask for help.

  7. Enjoy It: Lastly the gym isn’t a punishment and should be something that makes you feel good about yourself. Have fun with it and enjoy the process.

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