Forrest Gump is a very beautiful movie consisting of many different stories. A love story between Forrest Gump and Jenny. A story of two retarded, twins-like, best friends Forrest Gump and Bubba Blue. A very obedient and disciplined story of a Soldier (Forrest Gump) and a very honest Lieutenant (Dan Taylor).

Forrest Gump movie is named after a guy in the movie Forrest Gump. This movie shows that things are done for purpose sometimes and sometimes without purpose at all. The only thing that was noticed in the movie is that When you do something with your heart and soul, you end up becoming an expert in that.

Forrest Gump joins the army and develops a healthy habit of playing ping pong. That later becomes his hobby. This hobby helps him in achieving National Award in ping pong. Whenever he plays ping pong, he plays as though he was born to play ping pong. He becomes an expert in it. Still He asks this question to his mother, ‘What’s my destiny, Mama?’

We all have this question, though we have also achieved many things which we are not thankful for. This movie should really be watched in solitude. You will get to spend good quality with yourself. Below, I have my Favorite Qutoes from Forrest Gump.

Forrest Gump Quotes

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Neither do we remember being born. We are just told.

Death Quotes

Death is not something we have to run from

Death Quotes from Forrest Gump We always die and We have our Time

Jesus Quotes from Forrest Gump

Have we all found God?

Jesus Quotes

We still are looking for God.

If you happened to watch the movie, you will also see that he runs for no reason. He keeps running and running. He runs for almost 3 years and many people get inspired by his consistency and steadfastness. Doing something without purpose also gives sometimes happiness. No wonder why IMDB has 8.8 ranking for this movie.

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