Fate Quotes, Allah knows what’s best for you and when it is best for you to have it. Here is a short Islamic story about Taqdeer, Fate. One of the best fate quotes, I have found is “And if He (Allah) bars against you all ways and passages, He will show you a secret way, which no man knows.”

Fate Quotes, Short Moral Story

In the ancient days of Hazrat-e-Ali, there was a beggar. He got adequate food to eat everyday. He was satisfied. One day he came to the door of Hazrat-e-Ali, but he didn’t know he was at Ali’s house. Hazrat-e-Ali saw a beggar standing out of his house. Since he himself had nothing much left, he started to look for some money kept here and there. And, the beggar was waiting outside.

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While he waited for a quite bit of time, he saw Hazrat-e-Ali’s armor. He thought it was his best chance to sell the armor and get good amount of money. So, he stole it and left. Hazrat-e-Ali was busy looking for some money inside and didn’t pay attention to what was happening outside. Finally, Hazrat-e-Ali came outside and looked for the beggar, but he already had left.

To his greatest surprise, he found his armor missing. He began to search here and there, and immediately a thought flashed to his mind that the beggar might have taken and sold it to a closest iron-smith. He went to the smith. His armor was right at the shop. He asked the smith where he had bought this armor from and how much he bought for.

Fate Quotes, Fate is Allah’s perfect plan

The smith replied that a beggar sold it to him for 40 dinars. What Allah wants to give can never be stolen from us. What Allah has written for us will always come to us, but it’s we who get to choose the way to earn what’s written in our fate.

Hazrat-e-Ali wanted to buy the armor again from the smith, so he counted the money which he had collected to give it to the beggar. It was 40 dinars. Allah had written 40 dinars in the beggar’s fate and the beggar chose a wrong way to earn it. Whatever was written did come to him, but of no use.

Moral of the story: If it’s meant for you, it’ll come to you. Fate is choices we make, not chances we take.

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