Dowry System Essay – Evils of Dowry System Essay

Dowry System Essay – In a Patriarchal society such as our that accords sub-ordinate status to women, the position of a girl child is indeed vulnerable. In case of financial difficulties, it is girl child whose education is sacrificed in order to manage the household and take of the other younger children at home. The dowry system, deeply rooted in the culture and customs of most communities in India, is a cause of harassment for most women. This has led to situation where the girl child is treated as guest in her own home.

Dowry System Essay – Short Essay on Dowry System in India

Dowry means the demand made by the bridegroom’s family from the bride’s parents for the payment of money as well as other costly gifts like land, house, clothes and jewels, a conditions precedent to the alliance. Dowry, in fact, is not a recent development. History is full of examples where daughters have been married off with immense wealth given to them at the time wedding.

Gifts, presents and things given to the daughter in marriage are nothing bad in itself. It is a token of her parent’s love and happiness. Even the Bible preaches:

Bible Dowry Quotes

“Ask never so much dowry and gifts, and I will give according as ye shall say unto me: but give me the damsel to wife”

Dowry in Islam

Dowry System Essay - Dowry in Islam

Dowry System Essay for Students in English

When the groom’s family tries to extract the expenses made by them on their son’s upbringing and education from the bride’s family, it takes the shape of dowry. Dowry thus smears the sacred relationship of marriage and converts it into a base, mean and cheap financial deal.

Shockingly, even after so much gifting and exchanges, one woman dies every hour due to dowry related reason on an average in the country, which has been a steady rise between 2007 to 2011, according to official data. The National Crime Research Bureau (NCRB) statistics show that 91, 202 dowry deaths were reported in the country from 1st Jan, 2016 to 31st Dec, 2016. Bihar and Uttar Pradesh record the maximum numb er of dowry crimes, but Bengaluru, India’s fastest growing city also shows an alarming rise where four women reportedly die every day because of dowry harassment and domestic violence. The cases of dowry torture are the highest accounting for 32.4% of crimes against women in the country.

The solution is women should be encouraged and educated, so that they become self-reliant. Time is now changing. Educated girls have no taken upon themselves to combat this evil in our society. Girls like Nisha Sharma, Farzana and Vidya Balasubamanian have been courageous enough to call of their weddings at the last moment because of the dowry demands, yet a lot needs to be done. It is high time that the society should realize the dignity of a woman, the sacredness and sanctity of marriage and unite to fight against the evil custom of dowry.

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