Dialogue Writing: Auditor and Supervisor of a Company

By | August 16, 2016

Dialogue Writing between two people in English. Here is an example of dialogue writing / conversation between an auditor and a supervisor of a company.

Every company must keep up proper books of accounts of its dealings. The transactions that take place must be entered in the books of accounts of the company which must be kept at its registered office.

Dialogue Writing in English

Dialogue Writing

The following is the dialogue writing / the conversation between an Auditor and a supervisor of the company.

Auditor: Hello, I’m XYZ (use any name here). I’m here to make a quick audit of your company.

Supervisor: Hi, I’m XYZ (use any name here). You are talking to the right person then. I’m the supervisor of this company.

Auditor: How are you doing?

Supervisor: I’m doing well. Thank you! How are you doing?

A: I’m fine. To begin with, can you please provide me with the details of all sums of money received and spent by the company?

S: yes, sure. The money received and spent is as follows:

  • Total money received = 100k (replace with your values)
  • Total expenditure = 75k (replace with your values)

A: Will you please send me a detailed report to my email address?

S: Sure, you will receive it by end of the day.

A: I would like to have few pieces of info on your HR department. Does your company provide and maintain other special programmes for treating employees? For example:

  • Employee recruitment and selection
  • Training and coaching
  • Performance evaluations
  • Wages, working hours, and employment conditions

S: Well, we have a dedicated team for recruitment. Once we recruit people, we train them for a month from their joining dates. Their performance is evaluated every six months. The employees are paid on 3rd of every month. Our company timings are from 9 A.M. to 6 P.M.

A: Coming to the finance department, does the company use an accounting software system that provides a full range of functionality? If yes, do people working in the account department understand how to best use the system?

S: Yes, our finance department does make use of software named Quicken Premier from Intuit. This accounting software helps in budgeting, investing, reporting etc. Our employees in finance department are well trained to use this software.

A: Very well. We are left with the last part of the audit. Has the company created and does it maintain now a tax calendar to monitor dates when there’s a need to file various local and state tax reports as well as to review payments made?

S: Our accounts and finance people do maintain a tax calendar to monitor dates. They not only make sure of the taxes on the payments done, but also keep a report of it. That’ll be sent to you in detail to your email.

A: Does the firm use insurance service to protect its assets against possible risks?

S: Presently we take insurance services from AXA. They do a marvelous job.

A: Does the organization use honest and straightforward marketing and promotion efforts?

S: We market our products & services through various search engines. And, you very well know that all the search engines review the ads before placing them in various websites.

A: Nice strategy of marketing! I’m glad I had an opportunity to audit your company.

S: I’m glad too.

A: That’ll be all. Thank you!

S: You are welcome.

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