Desire is the Source of All Misery – How to Kill Your Desires?

Desire: Most of the people are unhappy because they have endless desires. They have lots of desires. So people want to kill their desires because desires are the source of all misery”. Desires is not the source of all misery, it is unfulfilled desires is the source of all misery isn’t it? Fulfilled desires are the source of your joy, unfulfilled desires are the source of your misery. Now, what to do with the desires? Should we kill the desires?

I know people have been teaching you such things, “You must kill all your desires. Unless you destroy your desires, your misery will not go.” These teachings have come to you. Now, if you want to destroy all your desires, all you will have is, you will have a great desire to destroy all your desires. And you will remain eternally unfulfilled.

Desiring Nothing is the Biggest Desire

“I don’t want any desires!” is this a desire? Is this a desire or no? Yes, it is absolutely a desire. So if you try to play tricks with this, it is not going to work. Because desire is not desiring for anything in particular. The energy which you call as desire is not different from the energy that you call as life. If you want to move from point A to point B, you need a desire.

Desire is the very essence of your life. But at the same time you know those desires is an unending thing. If you fulfill one, the next one will be ready. If you fulfill that, the next one will be ready. It keeps you on all the time. And obviously some desires will be unfulfilled and those unfulfilled desires will cause much misery to you.

In other words, the very nature of a human being is to long. You always want more than what you have right now. Once you have that, you want something else. And, it is unending. There is something within you longing to be little more than what you are right now.

Sadhguru Desire Quotes

If you look deep down, your desires are also not about you or the desires you call as your desires are not even your desires. Please look at this. Right now you’re living in city, and your neighbour has a big car, what is your desire? You want to have two cars like that. Now you don’t know all these cars at all, you are living in a small village and your neighbor has one big buffalo. What is your desire? You want to have two buffaloes like that. So your desires are just a reaction to the social situations you live in. This is so because this longing to expand or the desire is happening unconsciously.

If you make your process of desiring into a conscious process, then desires are no more a problem. In fact, the desire will become a wonderful vehicle which will give you beautiful experiences. So you don’t have to destroy your desires, because you cannot. Can anybody destroy their desires? Is it possible? There is no way because that’s the very nature of a human being. If you want to kill your desires, all you have to do is kill yourself. Or you can make the process of desiring consciously and make things happen the way you want.

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