The Water Bearer, The Cracked Pot Moral Story

By | January 27, 2018

A Cracked Pot and A Perfect Pot: Once there was a water bearer. Every morning he would carry two pots of water tied at either end of a pole resting on his shoulder. One pot was perfect, the other was cracked. By the time he reached his master’s house, the perfect pot would still be full but the cracked pot would be half empty, having leaked some of thew water along the way.

Cracked Pot, An Inspirational Story

Cracked Pot - Moral StoryThis went on for a while. Every morning, the water bearer would reach his master’s house with one and a half pots of water. The perfect pot felt proud of his accomplishment, of doing what was expected of him. The cracked pot felt bad, guilty of letting down the poor water bearer and delivering only half the water. “I’m ashamed! I let you down, every day. I only deliver half the amount of water I should. Why don’t you just smash me to pieces?”, said the pot to the bearer.

“Oh, you shouldn’t really feel so bad. When we go to the master’s house today, take a look at the beautiful flowers along the path. I am sure they will make you feel better.”, said the water bearer.

Sure enough, the cracked pot saw the bed of flowers along the path, dancing in the breeze. It cheered him but only a bit, because as they neared the master’s house, he realized he had yet again delivered only half the water. “I am sorry, I am letting you down!”, the cracked pot said with a sigh.

The Cracked Pot Story in English

“Oh no! Didn’t you notice that all the flowers were only on your side of the path? That’s because I noticed the crack and took advantage of it. I planted the flower seeds on your side of the path and you watered them every day. Without you, we wouldn’t have those beautiful flowers!” said the poor water bearer.

Moral of the Story: What is true of pots is true of people too. We all have our cracks and flaws, and the real challenge is to find good use of our unique talents.

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