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Notes of Communication Skills in English for Polytechnics. Prescribed for All I/II Semester Diploma Students of Polytechnics in the State of Karnataka. These notes are prepared from the same textbook, ‘Communication Skills in English for Polytechnics‘.

The Gardener – P Lankesh Summary

The writer P. Lankesh tells us he had conceived this story in a flash, and likes to keep short to retain its authenticity. It is about a chance encounter with an old man in a coconut Grove near Chennarayapatna. He had come to garden from far away and worked for the owner of the garden.… Read More »

A SUNNY MORNING, Sarafin and Joaquin Alvarez Quinter

Summary of A Sunny Morning The play “A Sunny Morning’ by a Quintero brothers is both funny and tragic. I t is about Dona Laura and Don Gonzalo who were Lovers when they were young. But unfortunately they had to separate. In the play they accidentally meet at a park in Madrid after many years.… Read More »

On Children Poem – Khalil Gibran English Notes for 2nd PUC and Diploma Students

Comprehension I On Children Poem by Khalil Gibran extracted from the poet Khalil Gibran work ‘The Prophet’ which is his best known work. 1. And a woman who held a baby against her bosom said, “Speak to us of Children.” and he said: Here ‘he’ refers to Ans: B. The Prophet 2. ‘Your Children are… Read More »

Career Opportunities – Helping Students Make Smart Choices

Career Opportunities are available for every student. Making a suitable choice is important and is equally difficult. Student are new to the corporate world. They need guidance. Every college should conduct a guest lecture for the students. The lecturer should be a corporate. Thanks to our college management for providing us with a guest lecture… Read More »

To The Foot from Its Child Summary – Pablo Neruda

In this poem ‘To the foot from its child’ poet Pablo Neruda has used ‘foot’ as a metaphor to the trails and tribulations of human life, his birth and his death, his dreams and realities. The child ‘foot’ when it is born, does not have the awareness to be a Butterfly or an Apple. But… Read More »

English Proverbs Essay

[otw_shortcode_content_toggle title=”No Pains No Gains Essay” opened=”closed”]Only those who work hard get glory and success in life. Nothing great can be achieved without efforts. Napoleon once said, “God is on the side of the brave armies.” It is true that God also appreciate those who labour hard. There is no royal road to success. We… Read More »