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Mulla Naseeruddin Parable – The Secret of Heaven and Hell

Mulla Naseeruddin Parable – The Mulla Nasruddin was the real saint. He was very spiritual and he was intelligent. His stories teach us many things. Let us learn something beautiful from the below Parable that teaches about Heaven and Hell. Are they any geographical regions that we can walk into? Or perhaps they just are the… Read More »

Bayazid Bastami Sufi Story – God Knows Whatever Your Need Is

Bayazid Bastami Sufi Story: There was a Sufi saint, Bayazid, and he always used to say: ‘God knows whatsoever my need is, so I have never prayed – because that is foolish! What to say to Him? He already knows. If I say something which He knows, it is foolish. If I try to find… Read More »

Sufi Parable, Just Pious in Thoughts; in Deeds, Man Remains The Animal

Sufis have a beautiful way of teaching. Most humans are moral only in their minds, not in their deeds. In the sense, humans use religion only to believe in not to act upon. Or they simply believe their religion is true, but they do whatever they like. They simply take whatever they like and leave… Read More »

Sufi Story – Moinuddin Chishti, A Sufi Saint

This is a Sufi Story about a fool or who was considered to be a fool because he didn’t fit to the society’s definition of normality. Since he was not like the normal people, people considered him a fool. Please read the below Sufi Story and know what wisdom this fool holds and decide for… Read More »

The Water Bearer, The Cracked Pot Moral Story

A Cracked Pot and A Perfect Pot: Once there was a water bearer. Every morning he would carry two pots of water tied at either end of a pole resting on his shoulder. One pot was perfect, the other was cracked. By the time he reached his master’s house, the perfect pot would still be… Read More »

Unbelievable Happiness Success Story – Sufi Stories

A very rich man was searching for bliss, for truth – or whatsoever name you want to give to his search. He had much money and he was ready to offer any amount of this money to anybody who could give him a key. The rich man went from one teacher to another, but nobody… Read More »

Moral Story – Take a Walk in My Shoes before You Judge Me

Moral Story? Yes, let’s dive into someone else’s life to see how they have become whatever they are today or now. To understand and walk in someone’s shoes, let’s read a small moral story about a merciless pirate who didn’t even have a shred of kindness. Why is he the way he is? Why isn’t… Read More »

The Power of Your Intentions – A Short Moral Story

Intentions create your life and afterlife. The very first hadith of Al-Bukhari is about intention. Make your intentions appropriate and you’ll see a huge change in your life. Actions do matter, but before taking any action, the intention of that action will decide the consequence of that action. A person who spends his whole life… Read More »