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Allah’s Help? It’s Peacefully Successful, If You Do It with Right Understanding

Allah Help me, please, in writing whatever is beneficial for the reader of this article. I would like to begin writing in the name of Allah whose help or grace is always showering upon us whether we want it or not, whether we ask for it or not. When such questions such as ‘Why is… Read More »

Please Allah not Humans for Pleasing Humans is Devastating

Please Allah Meaning is simply do anything you want with the intention to make Allah happy. I begin writing in the name of Allah who crated everything from nothing, the ever-living, the eternal who is never affected by time, nor space nor anything else, who never initiated a place for His being, nor did he… Read More »

Human Life Purpose In Islam That May Change Your Perspective

The Topic is Human Life Purpose. I begin writing in the name of Allah on whom the whole existence depends. The Allah who is known by different names, yet no name can define him. The Allah who has created everything out of nothing, yet He is beyond everything. May Allah take us all under His… Read More »

Remember God in Everything You Do

I remember God at the beginning of my writing. I begin to write in the name of God who has control over us all. Endless praise and thanks be to God Most High, who guides his servants to His light by means of other servants of His whose hearts He illuminates with His heavenly and… Read More »

What has This Ramadan 2019 Taught Me?

Ramadan 2019: People say Ramadan comes for many different reasons; however, what we extract out of it is almost nothing. We are simply the same after Ramadan too. Ramadan really has not stopped us from doing all the things that we WANT; we anyways do a few things. One of the highlighted things we give… Read More »

Mulla Naseeruddin Parable – The Secret of Heaven and Hell

Mulla Naseeruddin Parable – The Mulla Nasruddin was the real saint. He was very spiritual and he was intelligent. His stories teach us many things. Let us learn something beautiful from the below Parable that teaches about Heaven and Hell. Are they any geographical regions that we can walk into? Or perhaps they just are the… Read More »

Bayazid Bastami Sufi Story – God Knows Whatever Your Need Is

Bayazid Bastami Sufi Story: There was a Sufi saint, Bayazid, and he always used to say: ‘God knows whatsoever my need is, so I have never prayed – because that is foolish! What to say to Him? He already knows. If I say something which He knows, it is foolish. If I try to find… Read More »