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Beautiful India – India, with its ancient culture, is very unique. Our country is beyond any comparison. India is a land of untouched natural beauty that very much makes it one of the most beautiful and serene places on earth. From the mighty mountains of Kashmir to the breathtaking vista of three oceans combining at Kanyakumari, India is much more than curries and Bollywood. India’s religions and culture are very well known all over the world.

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India is a vast South Asian country with diverse terrain – from Himalayan peaks to Indian Ocean coastline – and history reaching back 5 millennia. In the north, Mughal Empire landmarks include Delhi’s Red Fort complex and massive Jama Masjid mosque, plus Agra’s iconic Taj Mahal mausoleum. Pilgrims bathe in the Ganges in Varanasi, and Rishikesh is a yoga centre and base for Himalayan trekking.

Here I have collected some of the most beautiful and unique pictures of India. Proud to be an Indian.

Beautiful Pictures India

Beautiful India - Bilal Masjid BangaloreBilal Masjid Bangalore

Beautiful Delhi PicturesDelhi, India

Jhansi, India - Indian Funny PicturesJhansi, India

Hyderabad, India PicturesHyderabad, India

Tamil Nadu, India PicturesMadurai, India

Indian Railways ImagesIndian Railways

Indian Railways Beautiful PicturesIndian Railways

Jodhpur, India Beautiful PicturesJodhpur, India

Mumbai, India Beautiful ImagesMumbai, India

Surat, India Beautiful ImagesSurat, India

India is the land of colors where different cultures and people live together prosperously. It is a mystic land and is properly called as the place of prayers. Individuals of various ethnicity and religion live in India and call it their country. Premise of these diverse ethnicity and religions can be found in the nation’s history.

It has been ruled by Hindus, Muslims and also Christians every once in a while. These rulers have built staggering structures that are a historic point of this nation. The vast majority of the legacy structures were worked by Mughals who controlled the nation for over 300 years. The most vital working of all of them, the Taj Mahal was worked by Shah Jahan – a Mughal ruler-in memory of his significant other, Mumtaz. Any individual who has been to India knows the significance of these structures and what they mean as far as the noteworthy quality.

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