Bangalore Weather, Presenting Bengaluru in an Amazing Way

By | April 25, 2016

Bangalore Weather has changed  a lot and lot. The city surpassed its April 30, 1931 temperature record as the meteorological department officially recorded a maximum temperature of 39.2-degrees Celsius on Sunday.

Despite private agencies declaring a recorded maximum temperature of 40-degrees celsius earlier, the met department maintained that the temperature is hovering around 37 to 38-degree celsius. However, on Sunday, the temperature crossed the 38.3-degree mark which was the highest recorded temperature in the city in the month of April back in 1931.

Bangalore Weather is Raising by 1 Degree

If the trend continues, Bengaluru could lose its “pleasant weather” crown. The city that was once pleasantly bearable during summer has unfortunately become blazing hot. Every year temperature in bangalore raising by 1 degree since 6 years..don’t get surprised if we can see 45 mark in next 10 years.

There are so many places which we can look for Complex Realities, not only on the earth, but also in the entire universe. Among such places, Bengaluru can widely be considered as one among the greatly gifted cities which is full of Complex Realities.

Bangalore Weather Thundershowers in Bangalore to provide temporal relief

Bangalore Weather

Presenting Bengaluru in an amazing way: One cannot over throw the fact that Bengaluru is simultaneously growing as an IT hub as well as glaring corner. It is again a fact that Bengalureans are repeatedly forced to go underneath to face a misery. In an overwhelming sense, Bengaluru is a way ahead from the other places. But still it’s a home for a crore cruel and kind hands. The people of Bengaluru are persuaded as they don’t have an another option.

They have reached the level of saturation. For an instance ; though they are not inhaling the fresh air, they would love to pretend in a way that they are receiving the fresh air. Enjoying the supernatural powers is the only option they have to get survived.

Every thing goes very soothing from a  negative corner to a positive end here in Bengaluru just like a hot polluted air reaches up and after a short while it appears as a smog to give a cool breeze resulting to a cooler nights. Bengalureans are standing out as a role models by blossoming as a flower out of thorn.

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