Allah’s Help? It’s Peacefully Successful, If You Do It with Right Understanding

By | September 21, 2021

Allah Help me, please, in writing whatever is beneficial for the reader of this article. I would like to begin writing in the name of Allah whose help or grace is always showering upon us whether we want it or not, whether we ask for it or not. When such questions such as ‘Why is Allah not helping me?’ arise in mind, they are arising because we have a different definition of what ‘Help’ is.

We want ‘Help’ in particular or specific things to get done. As Humans, we consider anything Helpful that is good for us, not anything that is bad for us. We have our own definition of what good is and what bad is. But when it comes to The Creator, The Knower of All, knows better as to what really Good is and what really Bad is.

When we feel our prayers are unanswered, we usually become sad or sometimes angry. That is a normal reaction when we have such definition of what ‘Prayer’ or ‘Help’ is. We just need change the definition of ‘Help’ and many questions will stop. The problem is not that Allah is not helping us, but the problem really lies in if we can receive His Help. Allah already has provided us with all the things that are required and will provide with all the things that are necessary. We need not ask for anything. All we need to do is ‘Be Thankful to Allah for Everything He has Provided’.

Are you Ready to Receive Allah’s Help? – Allah Help Me

Allah Help Me - Why is Allah not Helping me?

The real question that needs importance or that we need to pay attention to is ‘How can we become capable of receiving Allah’s help?’. He is always helping us and showering his grace upon us. That is out of the question. Only because His grace is upon us, we can breathe, talk, listen, walk, work etc. If He was not helping us, we wouldn’t be able to do anything or exist at all in the first place.

Before asking anything specific from Allah, we should be thankful for what we have. I mean truly thankful. Not just verbally being thankful. We should realize it in our hearts. Once we are truly thankful, we should praise Allah. Live your life by being thankful to Allah and in His praise. Do not go to bed until and unless you had a conversation with Him all alone. Build a relationship with Him. He is after all, the Creator of everything that exists.

Ask for Allah’s Help without any Definite Results

We are simply beggars. And beggars cannot choose. Our job is ONLY and ONLY to ask and giving and not giving is simply in Allah’s hands. Let Him decide what He wants to do with our Lives. When you ask for something, simply wait and ask Allah for his guidance all the time. Tell God ‘Allah Help me, as you know the best. He knows best and ask Him to teach you how to ask also. We, humans, do not even know what or how to ask. So, please do not be disheartened thinking that your prayers are unanswered. He is with us all.

Thus, when the question ‘Why is Allah not helping me?’ comes to your mind, tell the question to wait patiently as your case with someone who is the knower of the whole universe. Everything comes on its right time. If you have any questions or doubts, you can always leave your comments below.

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