A SUNNY MORNING, Sarafin and Joaquin Alvarez Quinter

By | September 14, 2019

Summary of A Sunny Morning

The play “A Sunny Morning’ by a Quintero brothers is both funny and tragic. I t is about Dona Laura and Don Gonzalo who were Lovers when they were young. But unfortunately they had to separate. In the play they accidentally meet at a park in Madrid after many years. By the time they had aged, the playwright brings out their conversation not only in a comical manner but also lets us feel the pain of separation. Laura and Gonzalo who were former lovers when they accidentally met at the park had the habit of visiting the park every day in the morning Laura would feed the pigeons with bread crumbs and watch them. Gonzalo would Sit on a park bench reading poetry by his favorite poets. Both Of them are by accompanied by their servants because of their old age.

A Sunny Morning Summary
Summary of A Sunny Morning

One day when Laura was as usual feeding the pigeons and watching them feeding, Gonzalo finding his favorite park bench accompanied by three priests, reluctantly comes and sits beside Laura. He rudely comments on her feeding the pigeons and starts reading his poems loudly. After asking her permission while reading from the poet Campamor he tells her that he first met him in Valencia, a city in Spain, which also happens to be his native place. Surprisingly Laura also tells him she had also Spent her youth at a villa called Maricella, not far from Valencia. Gonzalo who was also familiar with the villa asks if she a remembers a beautiful lady called Laura. She lies to him that the girl was her best friend. They talk about love-affair between the friend and a gallant lover. Gonzalo tell her that the follow was his cousin. When the girl was to be married off to a merchant, the lover duels with him wounding him badly and runs off to Madrid. She waits for her lover to return but when he does not, marries the merchant after two years. Gonzalo tells her that his cousin joined the army and met with glorious death. Both Laura and Gonzalo do not acknowledge who they really are and leave the park promising to meet the next day.

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